Getting a divorce is a complex and stressful process which requires a family lawyer to represent your best interests. It is important to work with a lawyer who can protect your interests while helping you resolve disputes and move forward with your life.

If you have been considering divorce or have been served with a divorce petition, Bryan Stratton, an aggressive family lawyer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and can help you.

With an excellent reputation as a family lawyer, Bryan Stratton provides quality legal representation handling:

What Is the Divorce Process?

A divorce is initiated when one spouse files a Petition and serves the other party. The Petition is filed in the District Court in the County where the person filing the action resides. Mr. Stratton has extensive experience as a family lawyer, representing individuals throughout Oklahoma and is familiar with the rules in every county in Oklahoma.

The divorce Petition and related pleadings must be served upon the other spouse, usually by someone working for Mr. Stratton. However, in cases where both parties are cooperating, arrangements can be made for the other spouse to personally pick up the documents in Mr. Stratton’s office, saving a significant cost for service of process and possible embarrassment.

Filing the Petition results in the issuance of an “automatic temporary injunction” which prohibits the parties from removing children from Oklahoma, selling any property without the consent of the other party, incurring loans or debts against property or canceling any insurance coverage for the other spouse. In many cases, filing the Petition also establishes an undisputed date of separation, although it is not uncommon for parties to separate months (and even years) before they initiate the divorce process. The actual date of separation can play a major role in determining financial interests and obligations.

The spouse served with the divorce is known as the Respondent. The legal documents indicate a formal Response must be filed within twenty days. If the parties are able to negotiate an agreement to resolve some or all the issues of their marital estate, whether at the outset or at some stage during the proceeding, the relevant paperwork is prepared in the form of a Settlement Agreement (or, if the agreement only addresses some of the issues, in the form of a Stipulated Order). The Court will approve the agreement and it will become a court order or Judgment. In every case, the earliest date marital status can be terminated is ten days from the date when the divorce Petition was filed.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

A divorce in Oklahoma is uncontested if you and your spouse agree on the major issues, and contested if you do not agree and require resolution by the court.

Common Mistakes & Myths to Filing Divorce in Oklahoma

Some common errors people make in divorce situations:
  • Taking friends’ advice without consulting with a divorce lawyer
  • Entering into agreements without checking with an attorney
  • Avoiding & procrastinating the unfortunate inevitable divorce:
    • allows time for spouses to strategically plot asset distribution
    • can lead to diminishing property assets; home value
    • can sometimes decide status quo in child custody cases
Some common myths are:
  • Men never get the kids.
  • If you sell the house, you will get half.
  • A Divorce attorney will cost too much money.

Our Approach

If you are considering getting a divorce in Oklahoma, you need a family lawyer who will protect your children, your property, and your rights. It’s an extremely difficult time in your life and tough to make decisions. We understand and care about our clients and provide a professional and dedicated approach to filing for divorce and communicating with you every step of the way. Our passion to protect your parental rights and financial assets is what motivates us.


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